Sarah Walker1

F, #602, b. 30 October 1825, d. 30 October 1902
FatherJames Walker1 b. 13 Aug 1803, d. 13 Mar 1882
MotherJane Johnson1 d. b 4 Apr 1881
1st cousin 2 times removed of Olive Irene Tarrant
     Ahnentafel/Henry number: 00031.12
Sarah Walker was born on 30 October 1825, daughter of James Walker and Jane Johnson.2

Sarah Walker married Thomas McIntyre circa 1843 at Stanley Township, Huron, Ontario.3,2 Sarah Walker and Thomas McIntyre had seven daughters and four sons, all but one deceased before June 1927.4 Sarah Walker was widowed on 22 July 1889 at Hensall, Huron, Ontario, at age 63.2

Sarah Walker died on 30 October 1902 at Hensall, Ontario, at age 77.2


cen.4 April 1881Stanley Township, Huron, Ontario, Census Place:     Stanley, Huron South, Ontario, Canada
Source:     FHL Film 1375908 NAC C-13272 Dist 173 SubDist E Div 2 Page 14 Family 66
     Sex     Marr     Age     Origin     Birthplace
Thomas MCINTYRE     M     M     62     Irish     Ireland
     Occ:     Farmer     Religion:     Methodist     
Sarah MCINTYRE     F     M     52     Irish     Ireland
               Religion:     Methodist     
Margret MCINTYRE     F          26     Irish     Ontario
               Religion:     Methodist     
James MCINTYRE     M          24     Irish     Ontario
     Occ:     Farmer     Religion:     Methodist     
Sarah MCINTYRE     F          21     Irish     Ontario
               Religion:     Methodist     
Martha MCINTYRE     F          18     Irish     Ontario
               Religion:     Methodist     
Elizabeth MCINTYRE     F          15     Irish     Ontario
               Religion:     Methodist     
Thomas MCINTYRE     M          14     Irish     Ontario
     Occ:     At School     Religion:     Methodist     
Charlotte MCINTYRE     F          12     Irish     Ontario
     Occ:     At School     Religion:     Methodist     
James WALKER     M     W     77     Irish     Ireland
               Religion:     Church of England5     

Children of Sarah Walker and Thomas McIntyre



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