Minnie Brooks1

F, #799, b. 1870, d. 1936
     Ahnentafel/Henry number: 00031.314*1
Minnie Brooks and Minnie Grace Dunlop may be the same person From the fact that there is a Stuart Walker in two households with a mother Minnie, I suspect that Minnie Dunlop and Minnie Brooks are the same person. Minnie Brooks was born in 1870 at Michigan.2

Minnie Brooks married William John Walker, son of John B. Walker and Grace Hicks Sleeman, circa 1892.3,1 Minnie Brooks and William John Walker had two daughters and two sons.2

Minnie Brooks died in 1936 at Marlette, Sanilac, Michigan.2


cen.4 June 1900Golden Township, Oceana, Michigan3
cen.6 January 1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan4

Children of Minnie Brooks and William John Walker



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