LeRoy Charles Hoefling1

M, b. 5 May 1918, d. 29 December 1944

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Roy Hoefling, ca 1943
     LeRoy Charles Hoefling was born on 5 May 1918 at Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, son of Phillip George Hoefling and Julia Louise McGowan.1 LeRoy Charles Hoefling also went by the name of Scotty.1
     Scotty took care of the younger children. He could draw and made flip books. He took care of the children on Friday night so Julia could go to her Rebekah meeting.

He put on plays, and made up games. One game he called "Hunting". He saved clothing boxes, and cut rifles and animal shapes from them. He pinned a "game license" on each of the younger children, and he was the game warden. They hunted around the house for the animals say 1937.2 He was drafted and was a staff sergeant in the 136th Infantry Regiment of the 33rd Division, the Golden Cross Division. His preliminary training was at Camp Forrest, Tennessee; he was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington before going overseas on 7 April 1942 at Hawaii.3,4

LeRoy Charles Hoefling died on 29 December 1944 at Morotai Island, Moluku (Moluccas), at age 26 in World War II.1 He was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan.1
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