Both my great-great-grandparents, Johann Friedrich Ludwig Zanzich (Fred or Fritz) and Johanna Sophia Henriette Zanzich (Henriette) were born Zanzig, so their descendants are double Zanzigs.

Fred had two brothers, one of whom died at age 32. His older brother, Joachim Friedrich Christoph (or Christoph), had nine children, several of whom emigrated to Chicago and then to Nebraska. Christoph's descendants are the larger branch of those known to be related to me and are fairly well documented.

Henriette's father was also Christoph--Adolph Christoph Zanzig. He was a tailor and musician. He and Christina Mohr, his wife, had seven daughters and possibly two sons. In 1856, Christoph, Christina and at least four of the daughters, along with assorted husbands and children, all emigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the Zanzig name is lost on that side, but I am beginning to trace the daughters' families, and that's a prime reason for this sub-site.

Fred and Henriette didn't fare well in the New World. Fred died in 1861, five years after emigrating. Henriette remarried in 1862 to Carl Bohn, had a daughter, and was dead before 1869. Fred and Henriette's two boys were on their own in 1870.

This site overlaps the Zanzig one-name study elsewhere on this site, but it also allows me to bring in my great-grandmother's Schultz family and explore the Iowa and Spokane connections.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone with additions and corrections to this data. If you correspond with me, it would be useful if you include the person's ID number.