The people here are the relatives of my mom's dad, Clarence Stewart Jr. Clarence was a melting-pot American, from a mix of European immigrants from the 17th to 19th centuries. The various families mingled in southeastern Minnesota, at a time when Minnesota was a frontier. Clarence himself married a first-generation Norwegian-American in 1925.

His mother's line, Waldron blue tree-Waldron, goes back to the founding of Harlem and Nieuw Amsterdam (New York), and beyond that to English and French religious dissenters who emigrated to Holland before coming to the US, mixing in Dutch blood along the way.

The Renslows green tree-Renslow are from Vermont, maybe as early as the Revolutionary War.

The Martins purple tree-Martins are from old Prussia, now in western Poland—a part of Europe that changed hands many times.

The Stewart yellow tree-Stewart line has been traced to Pennsylvania. They were probably Ulster Scots, and probably described themselves as Irish when they arrived. This line also participates in the Family Tree DNA Royal Stewart project

More immigrants from Germany, England and Ireland, some via Canada, are mixed in.

The four lines are identified by colored trees:
yellow tree-Stewart -- Stewart family
green tree-Renslow -- Renslow family
blue tree-Waldron -- Waldron family
purple tree-Martins -- Martins family

Thanks to all the cousins who are working on various aspects of these families.