The people here are the relatives of my mom's dad, Clarence Stewart Jr. Clarence was a melting-pot American, from a mix of European immigrants from the 17th to 19th centuries. The various families mingled in southeastern Minnesota, at a time when Minnesota was a frontier and Indian raids were common. Clarence himself married a first-generation Norwegian-American in 1925.

His mother's line, Waldron, goes back to the founding of Harlem and Nieuw Amsterdam (New York), and beyond that to English and French religious dissenters who emigrated to Holland before coming to the US, mixing in Dutch blood along the way.

Her Waldron father, already a 7th generation American (although it was not the United States when the family arrived), married a German immigrant.

The Stewart line has been traced to Pennsylvania, and is presumed to be from Scotland, possibly via Ireland. More immigrants from Germany, England and Ireland, some via Canada, are mixed in.

Clarence's Renslow grandmother has ancestors from Vermont and Massachusetts who probably fought in the Revolutionary War. Her parents fled Minnesota after the Dakota War of 1862 and went back to Massachusetts for a decade before returning when Minnesota was a little tamer.

The entire tree is American; except for the Waldrons, nobody has researched their European roots (yet!) A couple of the branches have not even reached the original immigrant yet.

The four major lines are Clarence's grandparents' names: Stewart, Renslow/Ranslow, Waldron and Martins. They are identified by colored trees:
yellow tree-Stewart -- Stewart family
green tree-Renslow -- Renslow family
blue tree-Waldron -- Waldron family
purple tree-Martins -- Martins family

For convenience ancestors of spouses are identified as part of the family their descendant married into. There are a few of these but their trees are usually shrubs.

Living people are excluded from this site.

Thanks go to all the cousins who are working on various aspects of these families: Shirley Martins Housh for the Martins, the Renslow/Ranslow researchers and mailing list including Charlotte Falkowski and Paul van Buren, Ron Waldron and all the Waldron researchers, Don Dale and various Stewart and Kling researchers, plus all my collaborative near- (and far-!) cousins.