Lois Charlene Monroe1

F, #5554, b. 22 August 1925, d. 17 May 1986
     Ahnentafel/Henry number 00016.1641*1.
     Lois Charlene Monroe was born on 22 August 1925 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.1 She and Frank Robert Zanzig were engaged on 19 December 1943 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois, published in the Suburbanite Economist.2

     Lois Charlene Monroe married Frank Robert Zanzig, son of Frank William Zanzig and Katherine Pauline Weinheimer, on 18 July 1944 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois, at age 18.1

Lois Charlene Monroe was widowed on 26 July 1978 at age 52.1,3

     Lois Charlene Monroe married Raymond W. Becker on 27 August 1985 at Clark, Nevada, USAB,G, at age 60.4
     Lois Charlene Monroe died on 17 May 1986 at Baxter County (probably), Arkansas, USA, at age 60.5 She was buried at Baxter Memorial Gardens, Baxter, Arkansas, USA.5

Children of Lois Charlene Monroe and Frank Robert Zanzig


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