This site contains a one name genealogical study for the name ZANZIG and its variants, particularly ZANZICH. A person is included if their birth surname is Zanzig or a variant, their mother's name was Zanzig, or they are in-laws or spouses of an included Zanzig.

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The Zanzigs in Germany are primarily from Mecklenburg-Schwerin (now Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), with a few from other areas of northern and central Germany. The main area, Stavenhagen, about 125 miles north-northwest of Berlin, was in East Germany during the country's separation.

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  • Under "Lists by Place", there are indexes for Mecklenburg, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.
  • To collect family groups, I attach Zanzigs with unknown parents to a dummy person named "Unknown ZANZIG FATHER". His page, as well as his chart, shows all these people and groups, currently about 170 of them.Acknowledgements

I have had many contributors, but would like to offer special thanks to my dad's wife, Suzanne Zanzig. Gail Zanzig also carefully preserved the late Charlie Zanzig's work which made it possible to connect many of the Zanzigs in the US.

If you use my information, please credit the source. If you correspond with me about people in the tree, please include their ID number to help me identify them.

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